I am not outgoing person by nature, so holding a notebook and pen between me and the person I am interviewing is a bit of a crutch. Yet, I have found that once I begin scribbling notes, the person becomes more and more forthcoming. Without exception, people I have interviewed seem to be delighted to find that someone is interested enough in what they are saying to actually write it down.


“This book is for any native plant enthusiast, murder mystery fan, pet lover, or supporter of the great southwestern outdoors.”—Shirley Nilson, Colorado Native Plant Society Aquilegia

“We meet a variety of characters that ring true… Yes, there is a cowboy and even a love interest. …There are themes that we all recognize, the role of the BLM in the West, protection of rare and endangered plants, cactus theft, and appreciation of the beauty of the vast vistas of the West.” —Cathy King, Utah Native Plant Society Sego Lily

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Into The West

Venture Into the West with my San Juan Writers first anthology of short stories. This collection will thrill you with accounts of the old west and enthrall you with episodes from today’s west with tales of mystery, adventure, romance, humor, horror, and magical realism. Enjoy your journey.

The first chapter is my short-short story, Unintended Consequences–Terrorist TurkeysRebel turkeys terrorize loggers and hikers and the wildlife department goes all out to find a solution.My Turkey story won first place in the Southwest Writers Contest humor category, published in the SouthWest Writers 2019 Winners Anthology Annual Writing Contest

“There is never a dull moment on any page of this little collection.” — Don Bullis, New Mexico Centennial Author

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A Sampling of Magazine Articles

Night Photography in Joshua Tree National Park—laid back mornings and intense evenings describe my Light and Shape Photo workshop among the magical, mysterious giant yuccas and peak wildflower bloom at Joshua Tree National Park. Cactus and Succulent Journal, Spring, 2021. Night Photography.
First Place for Travel – New Mexico Press Women 2022 Communication Contest. Judge’s Comments: “The enticing words and stunning photos will make any reader want to go themselves. Fantastic work!”

Diggin’ In—When Linda Wheelbarger tells her students to dig in, she means it, as in, grab your shovels and trowels. Wheelbarger directs the Totah Archeological Project summer school, which draws students from throughout the country. Majestic Living Magazine, Spring, 2019. Diggin’ In
Second Place-Personality Profile-New Mexico Press Women 2020 Communication Contest.

Gentling Wild Horses—one of my favorite stories was on Mustang Camp, located in Largo Canyon in northwest New Mexico. Patricia and John Irick prepare wild horses gathered from public land for adoption. My photo even made the cover. Majestic Living Magazine, Winter 2014. Gentling Wild Horses

From Ounces To Tons—When Walter and Robby Henes, brother and sister farmers, look over their crops, they see pink penstemon, purple four o’clocks, or the yellow waving wands of prince’s plume. They operate Southwest Seed Inc., a thriving native plant seed supply company. Majestic Living Magazine, Fall, 2015. Ounces To Tons

Guardians of History, Preserving the Past—my favorite volunteer activity is being a Site Steward at a Rock Art archaeological site in Largo Canyon. Majestic Living Magazine, August 2010. Guardians of History

New Learning of Old Techniques—Participating in a summer field school has long been a rite of passage for archaeology majors. Students in the San Juan College Totah Project learn to shape clay vessels then use pit firing techniques, just as early inhabitants of the Four Corners region did centuries ago. Clay Times, Autumn, 2011. Old Techniques

String Slinger—who knew that yo-yos date back to 500 B.C.? That’s why Luke Renner, Yo-yo Man, made it a point to visit Germany’s Altes Museum during his European travels. Luke performs impossible tricks with his 40-plus collection of yo-yos. Majestic Living Magazine, May 2010. String Slinger.